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Home Based Business

Home-based businesses (including offices) are essentially commercial and/or business activities which are being conducted from within a principle residential dwelling or accessory building located in a residential zone. 

Under the City of Estevan Zoning bylaw, residents are afforded an opportunity to use their principle place of residence for limited commercial business activities, in recognition of the need to provide or supplement personal or family income. 

Home-based businesses may include an occupation, trade, profession, or craft, where all services are performed on the premises, or it may include an ‘office’ which is used to carry out the administrative or clerical duties of a business that performs it’s services off the residential premises. In either case, the City regulates such activities for two principle reasons; 

  • To ensure the activities are both compatible and incidental to the use of the building for residential purposes, and are not the type of activities that will undermine the integrity of the surrounding residential area or cause adverse impacts such as noise, parking congestion, unsightliness (due to outdoor storage), and/or increased utility demands (water, sewer, waste disposal). 
  • To ensure such activities do not adversely undermine the integrity of the City’s commercial sector by allowing such activities to unfairly compete with similar activities located in commercial districts



The City of Estevan Zoning bylaw sets forth a number of regulations that Home-based businesses are required to comply with and abide by. In general terms, if a proposed home-based business is unable to be conducted in accordance with the associated regulatory requirements, than the activity is considered unsuited as a home based business and should be located in a more appropriate commercial or industrial district. The regulatory provisions from the Zoning Bylaw are listed under the zoning bylaw.

How to apply


Any person wanting to conduct a home-based business must first complete a prescribed application form and submit the completed form to the 

City of Estevan Land Development Services Business Division, City Hall
1102 Fourth Street
Estevan, Saskatchewan
S4A 0W7

 The application is reviewed to determine whether the proposed occupation will comply with the applicable regulatory requirements. If it is determined that the proposal will conform with the regulations, a Home-Occupation permit will be issued, subject to the applicant signing the permit to state that all applicable regulations will be adhered to. Upon issuance of a home-occupation permit, an applicant must submit the permit to the City Financial Services and obtain the necessary Business license.


Upon approving a home-based business application, the City may conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with the regulations. Subsequent inspections may be conducted in reaction to any complaints.



There are presently no fees associated with obtaining a home-occupation permit; however, an approved applicant must obtain a business license and pay the associated license fee to City Financial Services. An Applicant, who is denied a home occupation permit, may appeal the decision to the City of Estevan Development Appeals Board in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act.


Business Licence application forms

General Business Licence application form (96 KB)

For commercial, industrial, home-based, and out-of-town businesses.

Home-based Business Application/Permit (416 KB)

For home-based businesses. NOTE - Home-based Businesses must have the General Business Licence Application as well.