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What is Annexation?

Annexation is the process in which municipalities alter their boundaries, bringing land from one municipality into the jurisdiction of another’s. This can be done for many  reasons, but is most commonly for allowing future growth opportunities within the area.

How does the annexation process work?

The process begins with a municipality giving notice of their intent to annex land. A public consultation period is held after the notice, allow residents and the affected municipalities review the proposal and make their voice heard at a public hearing before council. If there are no objections, the municipalities can make an application to the province.

However, if there is an objection, formal negotiations will be held with the affected party and mediation may take place. If the objection is not resolved, the application with be sent to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board for a hearing and decision.

Who makes the decision on annexation?

The power to change municipalities’ rests with the Ministry of Government Relations. They will make a decision based on either both municipalities agreeing on the annexation or on the results of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board hearing.


Why does the City need land?

The City of Estevan has experienced a high rate of growth over the past decade. Combined with the new Highway 39 Bypass, the City sees a need to secure land. The goal is to have long term reserve of 30 years to ensure that the City can continue to grow in an orderly fashion and avoid any conflicting land use that may occur.


What is planned for the annexed land?

The land is currently planned as long term reserves for future residential development in the north and commercial/industrial development in the east. The City will work with the landowners to ensure that any new development will follow a logical progression and complements adjacent land uses.

How much land is being annexed?

The City is proposing to annex 6 1/2 quarter sections, approximately 965 acres, of land into the City. The land is primarily agricultural with a few acreages and commercial shops.


How does this affect landowners?

Landowners will not see any immediate changes if they are annexed into the City. They will still pay the same tax rate as they did in the RM and can continue using their property in the same manner. If residents connect to water and sanitary services or they develop their land at some point the future, they will be switched over to the City’s tax rate for the land.


What are the benefits of being annexed?

The main benefits are long term for landowners. As the City continues to grow, water and sanitary lines will be extended to the annexed lands, as well as access to waste collection.