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Garbage & Recycling in Estevan


The City of Estevan and Regens Disposal have teamed up and created the Garbage and Recycle Program. This service is included in your bi-monthly utility bill and is a mandatory charge per service address. The Recycle program takes place every 2 weeks and is split between West side and East sides of the City.

Garbage Collection


When is Garbage Day?

Regens Disposal has an automated Garbage pick up application on their website. All you have to do is choose how you want to be reminded and voila! Never miss another garbage day again.



Using the supplied Garbage Carts

  • Loose garbage should be bagged, this will keep loose papers from blowing onto street. 
  • Feel free to use plastic or paper bags of any size. 
  • Large items do not have to be bagged. 
  • Branches must be bundled and be able to fit in the bin. Branches should be no thicker than 6 inches. 
  • Please don't pack garbage in or exceed 200 pounds of waste. 
  • Only waste INSIDE the cart will be collected. 
  • Please notify Regens Disposal if your cart is damaged, stolen or vandalized. 
  • Please keep your cart clean and take care of it. 
  • Please have cart in it's place for pickup by 7AM. 
  • Pull the cart, don't push it - this will be much easier. 
  • Do not place hot ashes, construction debris, or hazardous waste, such as oil, paint cans, etc., in the cart. 
  • Do not paint or write on the cart. 
  • If you have difficulty moving your cart please contact Regens Disposal to discuss the options that are available to assist you.


Where do I place the cart?

On your designated pickup day, Regens Disposal has set your cart down in the preferred position to be emptied. This is where the cart should be placed on your collection day.

  • Cart should be on the street with the wheels against the curb.
  • Arrows on the carts should point to the centre of the road.
  • Give at least an arm's length of clearance on all sides of the cart.

My garbage/recycling bin is broken, who do I contact?

Contact the Utilities Clerk at City Hall and he/she will request a new bin to be delivered to your property by Regens Disposal. Deliveries usually run on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

I do not want my garbage and recycling bins, can I get them removed?

Yes, we can have Regens remove the bins BUT it is mandatory in the cities act that every residential property within City Limits be billed for garbage and recycling regardless of the use of them.


What to Recycle


Single Stream Recycle

Single Stream Recycling means all recyclables in one cart, no sorting, bagging or tying recyclables. Place all materials loose in your bin. Plastic bags are to be placed into one single bag and tied shut.


Paper Fiber Materials

Flattened corrugates cardboard & paperboard (ie. empty cereal boxes, empty detergent boxes, empty tissue boxes)

Newspapers, flyers, inserts or junk mail

Magazines, catalogues, paperback books, hardcover books with covers & spine removed

Brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, gift and packing paper, paper egg cartons

Telephone books

Shredded paper (please bag)


Containers & Glass

Aluminum soft drink & beer cans

Household tin cans (please rinse)

Milk cartons and jugs (please rinse and remove caps)

Juice cartons, boxes, and aseptic containers (please rinse)

Plastic soft drinks and water bottles (remove caps)

Place plastic shopping bags inside another shopping bag and tie

Household plastic containers and bottles (must have the recycling arrows with a number 107 on the bottom)

Glass liquor bottles, Household glass, clear, green or brown



Any food contaminated paper, cardboard, cups or paper plates..

Household garbage of any kind

Hazardous material such as paint, chemicals or solvents

Ashes, dirt or concrete

Construction material such as boards, roofing materials and carpet

Automotive parts of any kind, including tires, oil filters or oil. Tree clippings, liquids of any kind, animals or animal parts

Propane tanks, electric cords, batteries

Clear Plastic clam shell containers without recycling arrows and numbers 1-7

Plastic toys or Tupperware

Medical waste or diapers

Outdoor lawn furniture

Styrofoam or other foam packing