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Pursuant to The Cities Act, public notice is hereby given that the City of Estevan intends to restructure by adding the following lands from the Rural Municipality of Estevan to the City.

The land to be added to the City of Estevan is as follows:

 ·         LSD 10 24-02-08-W2M Ext 15

·         LSD 15 24-02-08-W2M Ext 17

·         NE ¼ 25-02-08-W2M Ext 0

·         NE ¼ 25-02-08-W2M Ext 1

·         SE ¼ 25-02-08-W2m Ext 0

·         Parcel A, Plan 59A07528

·         Parcel B, Plan 89R35144

·         Parcel C, Plan 102010734

·         SE ¼ 35-02-08-W2M Ext 2

·         SE ¼ 35-02-08-W2M Ext 3

·         SE ¼ 35-02-08-W2M Ext 128

·         SW ¼ 35-02-08-W2M Ext 1

·         Parcel C, Plan 101852513

·         Parcel D, Plan 101852513

·         Parcel E, Plan 101852513

·         Parcel A, Plan 101219287

·         Parcel A, Plan 83R26282

·         Parcel B, Plan 101888871


The reasons for the proposal are:

  1. There is a need to secure future developable land for the next 30 years so that the City can plan and implement a future growth plan.
  2. The recent population growth and residential development has pushed expansion to the City boundaries. It is now vital to secure land beyond the City’s boundaries for future development.
  3. The City of Estevan has limited growth potential as to the direction in which development can take place beyond its current limits without running into conflicting land use or environmental hazards.
  4. The development of the Highway 39 Bypass has had a significant impact on land development in the region and as the City expands towards this area it needs to secure the land in face of competing interests.


An Open House on September 28th at 7pm in the Multi Purpose Room at the Estevan Leisure Centre will inform citizens about the proposed annexation. All are welcome to attend.


A public meeting will be held on Monday, October 23rd at 6:00pm at City Hall to discuss the proposal. Any persons who wish to object to the proposed restructuring may file a written objection, stating clearly their reason for their opposition, with the City Clerk’s Office, Legislative Services, City Hall, 1102 Fourth Street, Estevan, Saskatchewan, S4A 0W7


A written notice of objection must be received by the administrator by October 18th, 2017.

The complete proposal may be viewed at the City of Estevan office between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Dated at the City of Estevan this 11th Day of September, 2017


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