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Fire Services

Estevan Fire Rescue is committed to exceeding excellence in service, without compromising the needs of our community. Leading the way as a customer-centered organization, Estevan Fire Rescue will nurture an open communication culture, for both our customers and personnel. Realizing the need to remain proactive in the protection of life, and the prevention of fire, we will accomplish our mission by enhancing our organizational priorities and goals. We will continue to explore the improvements in fire technologies, and incorporate those that will best develop our professionalism and service.



Estevan Fire Rescue is committed to excellence in service without compromise. We are customer focused, engaged and transparent - we protect life and prevent fire.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance and service. Using best practices, innovation, technology and engagement, we are here to serve Estevan.


Fire Rescue Services employs a full time Chief and Deputy Chief with administrative support. There are approximately 27 paid-on-call firefighters at any time, most of whom hold professional, industry standard certifications in fire suppression, hazardous materials management, and rescue in our continued commitment to provide you a standard meeting or exceeding international fire industry excellence. Estevan Fire Rescue is an extension of a community committed to serving itself when its most needed.


Fire Safety & Prevention


Education & awareness for our citizens

Safety resource centre for all stakeholders

Inspection and investigative services



Applications & Permits


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     - Permits

     - Fireworks



Bylaws & Policies


     - Estevan Fire Rescue Bylaws

     - False Alarm Policy

     - Burning of Refuse

     - Fire Service Agreements

     - Mutual Aid Agreements


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(306) 634-1856




Dale Feser

  Fire Chief

tel: 306-634-1850
fax: 306-634-9790
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